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Esthero Who Is That Girl?

What makes a singer worthy enough to write about? Beauty? Style? Pipes? All of these come into play when most front women or solo artists are judged by a demanding sea of media outlets and hungry fans. None more than Esthero are alive today who shatter this perception of female vocal artists.

Now that we are in the post “Diva” era few artists are truly able to push emotion through the mic. Without emotion a vocalist is just singing words. With a strong artist capable of emoting each note – well it is then you are moved. Esthero is super model gorgeous, she designed her own logo and her style destroys trends like a hurricane. While her sultry voice is laced with R&B roots and the clarity of a Jazz master, it is Esthero’s ability to emote that makes her art completely unique.

Behind each note is the 10 lifetimes worth of the desire of love, sweet agony of pain, and the pure joy of living. Each syllable is like an explosion of emotion that calls to you. I first was introduced to Esthero on Canadian Music Television while on a trip to Winnipeg in 2000, and I have been in love ever since. After seeing the video for “That Girl” from her “Breath From Another Album” (released in 1998), I ventured out into a blizzard and wandered the town to find ANY store that would have it. I had never been to a WalMart but sure enough it was open. In -40 degree weather I ripped open the disc and shoved it into the rental truck’s cd player. I was instantaneously transported to a packed club with this bright sun filling my ears and heart. Uhmmm did I just say that?

Listeners were blessed again with “Wikked Lil’ Girls” and a more energized but still sexy track list. I am CLEARLY a fan. I am not recycling the same bio from her site -, nor am I trying to promote her because I am being paid. My end game here is to convince you to give her a listen because your life will be better for it. Her collaborations span the gamut of rock, hip hop, soul and R&B. One of my personal favs is a duet with Cee Lo Green aka Gnarls Barkley for the track “Gone”. HOLY SHIT YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS SONG! If nothing else hit her up on the iTunes store and check the samples.

“I was such a gangsta when i was little… notice the Michael Jackson-style vinyl jacket… and how the ballet slippers soften the overall look of the ensemble… i really feel that the whole ’2 front teeth missing’ look was waaay ahead of its time…”

Her bio reads:
“Wikked Lil’ Grrrls is an in-depth look into the core of Esthero. In the past, she was the vocal instrument whose words and music blended into a trance that blanketed her in mystery. Wikked Lil’ Grrrls presents a more soulful, still ethereal woman who has been loved, lost, and liberated through self-discovery.”

Personally I think I do a better job, but for men and women she is a MUST have for their music arsenal. Everytime I hear her voice it is as though she is hugging me from behind on the beach and whisper singing the notes in my ear like she is telling me every secret of life. “Wikked Lil’ Girls” is empowering and lifts me up from any low, and washes away any worries like a warm Summer rain at midnight out on the patio of a nice club in the city.

If you have been blessed by one of my mix cd’s (for personal use only of course) then you already know and love her. SHE IS that girl.

For your dance/party playlist I recommend:
“A Better Life” from Ian Cooley featuring Esthero and “O.G. Bitch (Smitty’s Latin Original Mix”

For your lounge playlist I recommend:

“Fastlane (Cottonbelly Remix)”, “Lounge”, “That Girl”

For your booty call/sexy time playlist I recommend:
“I Drive Alone”, “My Torture”, and “Thank Heaven For You”

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  1. Dominique says:

    I looooooovved what you had today about Miss Lil Dukes UP the Peachcup, Pink Pirate Esthero Faerie; SHE TRULY IS THE SHIT!!! I’ve been a fan since i was in middle school and i remember stopping in my tracks when i saw the video for heaven sent. SHe has remained my faithful headphone hero, and i play her music almost daily; her voice is my drug. I’ve put so many people onto her music, and i’ve seen her live twice, met her once (she gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for the gifts i bought for her, tee heee). I impatiently wait for more music from her and i DARE ANYONE to hear her and NOT LOVE HER!!!!! hugs and kisses long distance for writing this and anyone reading this.

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